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We are Ireland’s only and leading electric and battery plant hire company, operating throughout Ireland since 2008. Since our foundation we have been meeting our customers and industry requirements through clean, zero emissions, compact and low noise machines.

Eco Plant Hire was founded by Sean Breen in 2008. Sean is a seasoned construction professional with countless years of engineering experience. Direct industry knowledge and experience which is passed onto our clients when plant hire is required for any specific job and requirement.

We are a unique Irish business that specialises in the hire of electric construction plant. Our product range offers clients a safe, eco-friendly and low-noise solution for construction firms operating within live, tight and enclosed sites.

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Electric Diggers
Battery Dumpers
Wheel Loader
Floor Saws
Wall Saws
Power Floats
Trench Compactor
Compaction Plates
Battery Forklifts
Electric ConcretePoker

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Electric Diggers
Battery Powered Dumpers
Electric Brokk DEMOLITION
Battery Wheel Loader
Electric Wall Saws
Electric Floor Saws
Electric Trench Compactor
Electric Compaction Plates
Electric Power Floats
Battery Powered Electric Forklifts
Electric Concrete Pokers

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Whether you are planning to do demolition work or carry out renovation work, you need equipment that is reliable, efficient and safe. There are project schedules to meet and downtime to avoid. Choosing the right method and equipment can make a lot of difference to your bottom line. So, contact the Eco Plant Hire team today and we will provide the specific electric and battery machines to suit your requirements, email: or call direct at: +353 57 862 6669.