Fog & Dusting Cannon

Fog & Dusting Cannon Overview

Our Fog Cannon is a misting cannon which includes a 1,400-psi high-pressure pump, allowing for throws of mist up to 60 feet (18.2m). Using a 110-volt power source, the pump’s high-pressure results in finer atomisation of water droplets, creating the most effective and efficient misting/dust suppression solution available. The cone-shaped mist cannon features an 18” fan mounted inside, with 8 nozzle fittings on the outer ring. The dusting cannon comes with 2 sets of nozzles for higher or lower pressure. The dust cannon is mounted on a 3-wheel portable trolley allowing for easy transportation.

Usage & Operation

Our misting cannon can be used in a variety of situations. A common use for the mist cannon is dust suppression as it is a great method for reducing dust levels quickly. However, the fog cannon can also be used as a humidifier for crowded events or as a solution for odour control. Due to the size and easy transportation of the fog cannon, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Operation of the mist cannon is simple. Once power and water are connected, the fan and pump can be turned on. The dust cannon comes with separate switches for the fan and pump.

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225lbs / 100kg

Pump Pressure


Throw Distance

60ft / 18.2m

Power Supply

110 Volt

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