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Battery Mini Digger Hire – Fact Check 1

Welcome to our Fact check Series!   Fact Check 1 – Battery Powered Mini Diggers    A common misconception is that the battery powered mini diggers on hire today require charging in the middle of the working day. Not true if you hire the right tool from the right people, Eco Plant Hire!   Our […]

Hydraulic Compactor from Eco Plant Hire – Spec

Hydraulic Compactors for Excavators

At Eco Plant Hire we are always striving to expand our range both in terms of innovation and also market trends and requirments.  We now have in stock for our Brokk Demolitions & Electric Diggers an Hydraulic Compactor attachments. Hydraulic Compactor Spec Model HC 150 ³ Carrier weight class ¹ t 1-3 Service weight ² kg […]

Just in @ Eco Plant Hire…1 Ton Battery Powered Digger plus attachments – Video Demo & more

1 Ton Battery Micro Digger Key - Features

‘Just in @ Eco Plant Hire…1 Ton Battery Powered Digger to include a range of attachments, ready for hire throughout Ireland. All the performance you need, no cables required and fits through all 800mm doors for easy access to your internal demolition and construction jobs.’ You can see the full spec here: 1 Ton Battery […]

World Class Electric Excavators at Eco Plant Hire – Brokk Profiled

Brokk Electric Excavator

Firstly, lets discuss the difference between an Electric Excavator versus an Electric Diggers. Difference between Electric Excavator and Electric Diggers Well, funny enough, an Electric Excavator is in fact a person who excavates, but most people refer to electric excavators as diggers or excavators.  The machines that actually do the digging.  So, what about the […]

5 Reasons to hire an Electric Mini Digger from Eco Plant Hire

1.9 Ton Electric Digger with Breaker

Electric Mini Digger Hire: The obvious reason for all concerned is the emissions.  Not just the benefits to the environment, but if you are working in confined and closed off spaces with little natural ventilation, you will need to use an Electric Mini Digger.  And just because the Mini Digger is electric, there is no […]

Electric Digger Hire Prices and Why Hiring is a preferred choice

Electric Digger Hire Prices

Electric Digger Hire Prices at Eco Plant Hire – It’s obvious why companies might hire an electric digger versus buying.  Well, let’s list the reasons why you might hire versus buying outright: No issues with long term storage logistics No maintenance required No repairs required if there is an onsite breakdown – at Eco Plant […]

All About Electric Diggers – Questions and Answers from Eco Plant Hire

Electric Digger

What are the advantages of Electric Diggers Electric Diggers have a vast amount of advantages, lets start off with a few of the obvious. Noise – have you ever compared the noise of a petrol lawnmower versus an electric lawnmower?  Its like day and night.  And the same can be said for electric diggers and […]